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The journey of this gift

The last three and a half years have been full of ups and downs and twists and turns as I labored to bring this gift into the world. As a Black woman reaching across the aisle to bridge the gap between white women and women of color, it has truly been an intense, scary, and exciting ride! There were many nights where I sat on the floor clutching the manuscript to my chest and weeping, as each letter transported me back to a place of trauma, grief, and unresolved encounters. There were other moments where I laughed uncontrollably. And, then there were those moments where I was angry all over again. Through it all, I have emerged light, hopeful, and free.

While I am fully aware that there are many individuals, both white and people of color, who will not agree with this book or its premise, I am excited to bring this to life for the many people who do agree, can dream with me, and need this in their lives.

To white people, may this book give you the inspiration that you need to go deeper and further on your journey of racial healing and growth. To people of color, may this book move your heart to sing songs of relief and resonance.

Many people throughout this journey have referred to this book as a gift to the world, and indeed, it is. However, miraculously, my greatest lesson in all of this has been that this book is a gift to myself.

With love,

Kimberlee Yolanda Williams

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