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St. Thomas School (March 2021)

Professional development for faculty & staff. Presenting "Encounters" to help unearth those moments that challenge the very root of our socialization.


French American School of Puget Sound (Aug 2021, Oct 2021 & Feb 2022)

Professional development for faculty & staff. Presentations on "Encounters", "Microaggressions", and "Doing Your Inventory" for faculty & staff.


The Northwest Association of Independent Schools-Fall Educators’ Conference (Oct 2020 & Oct 2021)

Presenting "Doing Your Inventory" focusing on reducing the amount of microaggressions you cause by doing a deep dive on your diversity inventory

Seattle Waldorf School (2021-2022)

Executive Coaching Program for Inaugural DEI Director

Professional development for faculty & staff


La Salle Prep Academy (2020-2021 & 2021-2022)

Executive Coaching Program for Inaugural DEI Director


Maryland Recreation and Parks Association (September 2021)

Presenting on "Encounters", "Microaggressions", and "Doing Your Inventory"


Amplifying Optimism in Education (April 2021)

Guest on podcast about DEI and SEL in schools


UPower (Oct 2020-Feb 2021)

Anti-racism and racial equity training for executive board focused on identifying the problem, dismantling internal programming, building and sustaining cultural awareness and competency, gaining trust by building relationships, and accountability.


Safe Space Radio (March 2019)

Worked as editors and consultants for the show entitled "Talking To White Kids About Race & Racism". Click here to listen to the show. 


Framingham Public Schools (Sept 2018-Feb 2019)

Executive coaching focused on anti-bias education, cultural awareness and competency.


Roots & Wings (2018-2019)

Offered a number of workshops focusing on anti-racism, inclusion and belonging, cross racial conversations, and allyship.