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"Working with Kimberlee has helped me understand the ways I participate in and perpetuate structural racism, as well as the ways I can effectively challenge the systems and practices that uphold it. Kimberlee does this with profound compassion and love.  I have felt that Engaging Across Difference is a journey of transformation- of practice, and of heart and spirit. I am grateful." 

- S., LICSW, Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar 

"Kimberlee has a dynamic, engaging style and presents her material in a very approachable way. I highly recommend Kimberlee and Denise's work to anyone wishing to actively pursue equity and justice in our communities." - A. Pong

"Engaging Across Difference is wonderful. Kimberlee helps attendees at her workshops feel at ease, welcomed and walks us through layers of understanding with great skill. I have been to four or five workshops and always come away with more knowledge, more commitment to courage and my heart that much more opened. Thank you to Engaging Across Difference, you are a gift to the world." - M.G.

"Kim is changing the world one white woman at a time." -Debby Irving, author of Waking Up White

"Kimberlee is warm and inviting, honest and funny, and tells the truth.  She has a gift for sharing tough truths about racism with white people, with humor and love, and for teaching skill-building for compassionate anti-racist action." -I.F.

"I have learned so much from Kim and Denise.  As a white woman who wants to be a good ally, I appreciate their patience in teaching and coaching about race.  It has helped me become more aware, to be better at supporting my black colleagues and friends, and has pushed me to be more active in challenging racism." - Carol

"Kimberlee has been a lifeline for me as my Diversity Coach. I have gone through several therapists and counselors without feeling like I was making any progress. Kimberlee is motivating and helps me connect with my desires and needs. She has a unique perspective from her own personal and professional life that is invaluable. She has definitively changed the way I think, act and live in the world. I am convinced everyone needs a Kimberlee in their life." - Nelu

"Kimberlee’s direct, honest and relatable style of talking about race and difference creates a safe atmosphere for challenge and growth.  There are no stupid questions but also no sugar coating that veils the truth.  With her skillful guidance and willingness to share her own stories, she models the strength in honest vulnerability.   Kim helps us confront our assumptions, especially ones we may have been clueless about, and craft better responses that are truly embracing of diversity.  Her workshops & coaching will strengthen your inner and outer relationships and give you food for thought, and action"- S. Potts

Feedback from high school teachers and staff members:

"It was nice to have a conversation about those [diversity, equity and inclusion] issues. As you said, we have a lot of the same problems here, but our lack of diversity as a staff sometimes makes it difficult to address them. It provided great perspective."

"Perfect timing! I/we need more of these types of conversations with input from people like Kimberlee."

"Good reminders of important points. She was an engaging presenter."

"Very helpful and informative."

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