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Personal Coaching Sessions

Let's take a deep dive toward fulfillment and abundance. Whether you are looking to improve your relationships, your health & wellness or hoping to build cultural competency, we can support you on your journey!


Each sessions brings the client closer to:

  • Cultural competence

  • Sensitivity when engaging across difference

  • Confidence when faced with conflict regarding identity markers

  • Having the necessary tools to help engage those making disparaging remarks regarding identity markers

  • An awareness as to where they are in their personal journey and where they are headed

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Check out our 12 Session Transformation Experience

"Kimberlee has been a lifeline for me as my Diversity Coach. I have gone through several therapists and counselors without feeling like I was making any progress. Kimberlee is motivating and helps me connect with my desires and needs. She has a unique perspective from her own personal and professional life that is invaluable. She has definitively changed the way I think, act and live in the world. I am convinced everyone needs a Kimberlee in their life." - Nelu

Over the phone, Zoom or in person. Email today to book your session(s)!


$70/30 mins

$100/1 hour

Book 3 1-hour sessions & pay $285

*Please note that cancellations made within 24 hours will incur a charge.

Prices good through 9/30/2023

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