Meet Kimberlee, our Co-Founder and Diversity Consultant and Trainer. Kimberlee runs Engaging Across Difference's workshops and presentations. She has presented at local and national conferences on topics of anti-racism, social justice, racial equity, and inclusion. She is a certified Life Coach and wants to help you reach your goals of cultural competence. Kimberlee is currently working on a book entitled Dear White Woman, Please Come Home.

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Meet Denise, our Co-Founder and Director of Operations. Denise handles the behind the scenes needs of Engaging Across Difference, and is on her own journey of growth and discovery where race is concerned. Being biracial and having grown up with the white side of her family in rural Vermont, Denise is discovering her Blackness at the same time she is exploring her whiteness. Denise is currently working on a book entitled Leaving Home Yet Homebound: Exploring my Whiteness While Discovering my Blackness.