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Date to be determined - Avoid the encounter by taking inventory

Have you ever had an encounter?  Have you begun to take an inventory of your underlying beliefs? An encounter is an event that happens to you or to someone you love that forces you to see, hear, feel, and/or experience discrimination in a way that your privilege previously prevented. You can avoid, or at the least minimize, the number of encounters experienced and microaggressions committed by diving into the work on your own inventory. An inventory is an intentional deep dive into every layer and corner of your identity. Learn how to begin and/or continue the work on your inventory to avoid your next encounter.


Date to be determined -  Don't stand by, stand up!

Practical steps you can take today as an ally.

Past Workshops & Classes


Talking to your children about race

Do you want to talk to your children about race, but you're not sure how to do it? Maybe you think they are too young or won't understand. Perhaps you are afraid you will break their spirit. Come learn how to approach the subject of race with your children with an experienced diversity practitioner and coach. Gain the language, tools and confidence to talk to your children about race while leaving their innocence intact. 

Teach me the script: I don't know what to say to people of color 

How many times have you been accused of committing a microaggression? Or, how often have your words been received as weapons, no matter how great your intentions were? Or, have you chosen to remain silent because you didn't know what to say? Come learn strategies to increase your ability to engage in cross cultural dialogue. 

Using Your Whiteness as a Weapon for Good: How to support the folks of color in your life and community

Immediate and actionable steps to take for white folks looking to be accomplices in this work. Whether you don't know where to start or you need more tips, this workshop is for you! 

An Open Conversation on Race: There is so much to say, so much to ask, and so little time!  Here is your blank slate to come with all of your unanswered questions and to have an open discussion about the ins and outs of race issues in this country.  We will discuss all major issues and everything in between.  Your thoughts and questions will guide the discussion, and we will come out stronger and wiser for having attended this workshop.  More importantly, we will come out with more compassion, understanding, and empathy.  Grab a loved one, and come pick the brain of an experienced diversity and inclusion practitioner! All races and ages are welcome.

Navigating Conflict in Cross-Racial Conversations

Looking to heal or reconcile after experiencing cross-racial conversations that led to conflict? Don't know where to go from here? Still want to help? Want to keep that friendship? This workshop is for you! Bring your stories, and let's move toward healing these breaches together. All races and ages are welcome.

Embracing the promise to end racism

Not sure how you can help end racism? Come learn how to recognize and challenge systemic racism, and develop the confidence to confront racism and bias in your everyday life. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore your own experiences with people of other races, examine the problems of microaggressions, learn how to speak up when you witness racist acts, and understand your own implicit bias.

White teachers and parents teaching and raising kids of color

What you must know, must hear, must see and must do

Are you a White American who is teaching, raising, mentoring, coaching, counseling, advising, treating, or simply interacting with children/teens of color?  If so, your attendance at this workshop is an absolute must! Without knowing it, you are possibly doing a disservice to these children whom have been entrusted to your care.  Come work with The Bush School's Director of Multicultural Affairs and a veteran teacher to receive the tools and tips to navigate these interactions and relationships in a way that heals and uplifts these children instead of unintentionally harming them. 

Calling All White for a chat: Part 1

A workshop taking you on a deep dive into the following topics: Discovering my whiteness through the lens of others, discovering and dismantling the lies between us, and is it conflict or just conversation? This day will lay the foundation for the relationships and connections to Black women that we so desire. It is a necessary first step in preparing yourself, your family and your world to welcome these new bonds with open arms. Gather deeper insights, collect your aha moments, engage with your peers, and have your questions answered.

Calling All White for a chat: Part 2

In the sequel to part 1 of this series, we are empowering you to take real steps towards celebrating the friendships that you've made by taking a closer look at the following topics: keeping our friends safe, faking it until you make it, paving the way and making room. These final steps are designed to solidify the work you've done, and to put you on the path to sustaining growth and change that makes these opportunities to bond inevitable and more frequent.

Microaggressions: What are they, why do they keep happening, & healing the damage they cause.

Ever heard the term "microaggression" when it comes to race issues? Wonder what it means or if you've committed one against someone? Join us to discover what lies beneath the action and the misunderstanding of your intentions. We will learn the truth about these day-to-day interactions and how to stop them before they ruin your relationships. Bring your best example and let's grow together!

Being an Ally: Tips, do's, and don'ts for White people Part 1

You know that you have privilege, you've taken several courses, yet you still don't know what to say and what not to say. You have no clue what to do and what not to do. You want to speak up, but don't know if your words might make things worse. Join us to take a deep dive into do's and don'ts for White folks. We will discuss everything from "don't touch my hair" to "is it Black or African-American". Bring your questions, and let's grow together.

"Get Out" Movie Discussion

Did you watch the movie Get Out and feel like maybe you missed coded messages? Do you have questions about certain scenes? Are you wondering how what you saw in the movie is applicable to your journey? Come discuss hidden messages in this movie with an experienced diversity practitioner and others seeking to know better and do better. All are welcome! Please view the movie in its entirety before the discussion. 

Being an Ally: Tips do's and don'ts for White People Part 2 (no prerequisite)

Sharpen your ally skills and receive tips that you won't find in any textbook. We cover the do's, the dont's, and everything in between; a deep dive into each tip, with practical day-to-day application, will leave you feeling empowered to take your role as an ally to the next level. All are welcome! Having attended Part 1 of the workshop is not necessary. 

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