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We live in a diverse society. Having the skills to engage effectively across differences is essential to success in business and in life. This work does not have to be uncomfortable or difficult. These trainings and presentations will build awareness, understanding, and growth. Let us show you how to learn while having fun!


Centering Authenticity as a Tool for Liberation

1 - 4 hours

Imagine if you spent all of October and November showing up as your authentic self, planting seeds of liberation everywhere your turned. From your wardrobe to your welcome-to -my space music, your essence setting the next person free to be exactly who they are. No filter, no assimilation, no edits, just you-through and through. What if you committed to modeling that as a teacher, a coach, an administrator, or even a head of school? What if you watered those seeds in every assembly, meeting, class activity, or gathering? What if they began to bloom right after winter break, and when you returned, you had a school full of people who brought all of themselves to campus each and every day? Could you stand it? Could you support it? Of course you could, and you would, because you came to this workshop and mapped out your plan of commitment to show up as your authentic self each and every day no matter what. Why? Because the very liberation of your students depends on it. Come embrace Kimberlee's framework that has visited schools and organizations all over the country empowering and liberating them from the generational impacts of assimilation.


The Me You Can't See

45 minutes - 4 hours

What is it that people know about me? Sure they know I'm Black, I'm shorter than average, rounder than average, my hair and my laugh are larger than most, so they know me really well, right? Ha! Wrong! There are so many layers of hidden identities within me all contributing to the story of who I am, how I got here, and even how I perceive and experience the peaks and valleys of this thing called life on a daily basis. Because of this I am misjudged, misheard, miscalled, misnamed, miscategorized, misdiagnosed, misplaced, mistaken for some other Black person, and so much more. And, so are you. These mishappenings are dangerous, harmful, trauma-causing and triggering, so we must and will begin to interrupt them by telling our stories. Oh, yes, you, me, and the person beside us must decide to take a stand. So, I invite you to start telling your story of The Me You Can't See, and let THEM get to know all of YOU.

DEI 101

90 minutes - 4 hours

Where do we begin? How do we know what we don’t know? How do we start to see and make changes to people, place, policy, and procedure if the barriers and impediments to our progress are invisible to the untrained eye? Partner with Kimberlee to take an in-depth inventory of the aspects of company culture that lend themselves to unintentionally causing harm to members of your organization and even your clients. Take the data gathered to bring an elevated awareness to trends and areas of complicity to establish core values around DEI, develop an external facing statement, identify the steps and benchmarks necessary to turn the ideals in the core values into fluency where cultural competency is concerned, decide what accountability looks like, and as a result to shift company culture. Continue in this partnership to regularly reassess and make necessary changes in order to remain on par with industry-wide standards and best practices.

Dear White Woman, Please Come Home

90 minutes - 4 hours

How have white supremacist structures driven white women to ignore and harm their sisters of color? Have you experienced cross-racial sister bonds that haven’t quite taken off? Whether you’re a white woman or a woman of color, do you wonder if a genuine bond and connection across the white/women of color racial divide is even possible? White women, do you really know how you are perceived, experienced, sometimes merely tolerated, and sometimes even longed for? Come hear how Kimberlee is learning to dig into this work in surprisingly vulnerable and creative ways. While diving into Kimberlee’s book, Dear White Woman, Please Come Home, together we will explore how to racially diversify our friend groups, how to show up for and with colleagues in ways that disrupt historic patterns, and how to intentionally and thoughtfully be in community with one another. As a bonus, Kimberlee will share her 6 trademarked tools.

Dear White Woman, Please Come Home Book Talk

1 - 2 hours

Join internationally recognized author, Kimberlee Yolanda Williams, and learn all about her journey from idea to delivery of Dear White Woman, Please Come Home. Don’t let the title scare, fool, or push you away. This book is being read by people all over the world, by folks of all races, and all genders. Listen to Kimberlee read the letters from the book in her own voice as she compels readers and listeners of all backgrounds to do better. Share what’s coming up for you with her as you listen, lean in to those feelings and turn them into questions during the Q&A. And, in the end, will those questions lead you to participate in Kimberlee’s next book project? Will you begin listening to the audiobook? Or will you grab a signed copy and send it to your bestie! Either way this revolutionary approach has transcended age, race, and gender, and is sure to break your heart wide open to make room for all of humanity.

Dear White Women, Get Your Sh*t Together

1 - 4 hours

White women have such a bad reputation in the media, they're rude, heartless, cold, backstabbing, untrustworthy and so much more. But, where does all this stem from? And, is it something that's natural or nurtured? Can it be changed? Or is it too late and are you too old? Come do a deep dive, even a soul dive to pull up the roots of this behavior and to learn new ways of engagement. Ways that signal to others that you are a lighthouse in the storm and a safe house on the journey. Learn to give up the promise of perfection in your allyship while practicing the tools that help you remain in authentic relationship after making a mistake. Don't come if you aren't ready for a hard look in the mirror or willing to risk losing social capital. Do come if your heart is broken open for the state of humanity.


1 - 2 hours

Come learn about the LGBTQIA+ community. Ever wonder what the difference between gender identity and gender expression is? Not sure whether you should use the word queer? Want to know what is happening in  the LGBTQIA+ community? Can't remember what all of the letters stand for? Come learn about terminology, pronouns, intersectionality, how to be an ally, and so much more!

White anti-racist educators facilitation training

2 hours

Students of color of all ages report microaggressions and harm by white faculty and staff at schools across this nation. Kimberlee will share her trademarked tools to begin unlearning the subconscious and involuntary conditioning that is to blame for this harm. Let's unearth these practices and replace them with newer, healthier ways of engaging with our students so that the words that we use to describe how we feel about our students are reflected in our actions.

White parents and caregivers anti-racist facilitation training

2 hours

How is it that our loving children brought up in a safe and balanced home are able to say and do such embarrassing and seemingly racist things in public? This question has often plagued so many well meaning white parents and caregivers. Let's dive into our cultural conditioning and unlearn the societal norms that have set our children up for these very instances we'd like to avoid.

Can You See Me? (Disordered Eating)

2 hours

Can You See Me? What does disordered eating look like? What does it sound like? How much does it weigh? The truth is when we allow our minds to profile disordered eating, cases outside that profile remain invisible and without help. Who are we letting slip through the cracks because of our biases? Let me show you a different profile to open your mind and heart to be ready and able to help and serve all communities. Learn how to differentiate when it comes to standard of care through cultural competence. Together we can make sure that none of our community members goes unseen or without the resources that they need to fully recover.

I Am Black History

Sometimes looking back leaves us stuck in the past and doesn't always help to move us forward. Celebrating now and looking into history being made inspires folks all over the world to reach for their dreams. How do you want to be remembered? What will be your legacy? What do you hope people say about you? And can we create this history together by restoring the community that was taken from us? All of these are questions that we are creating the answers to right now.

Tell Me What To Do! Strategies for Cultivating Cross-Racial Relationships

2-6 hour workshop with Debby Irving

White folks, are you afraid to say the wrong thing? Are you afraid that what you do is going to come off as racist? Does this fear keep you from engaging in relationships across the racial divide? Does this prevent your relationships from going deeper and getting to a place of authentic engagement? Are you screaming inside, will someone just tell me what not to do, what not to say? Come learn how to move past this fear and engage in resilient bonds that can weather the intricacies of relationships we were never meant to have. We'll offer concrete strategies, reframes, and an awareness of the historical context that can make cross-racial relationships so much harder than we'd like them to be.

Folks of color, are you receiving inauthentic vibes from white folks and wondering what that's all about? Are you desiring to share truth in an environment where you can be confident it will be heard and affirmed, and your safety will be prioritized.

Canceling the Microaggression

45-90 minutes

Feeling like you will always say or do the wrong thing? Like you’ll never show up as the ally or co-conspirator that you know in your heart you are? Like your intentions and your words or actions somehow never line up? Well, that is all about to change. Follow an easy-to-access formula and step-by-step model to minimize the microaggressions you commit and to truly show up as the ally that lives inside you. You will no longer have to explain your good intentions, because your words and actions will speak for themselves. Watch your relationships deepen and the trust and faith that people have in you increase with just a few small steps. While this might be challenging, what’s more important, is that it’s possible.

Different Approach, Different Results: Radical Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace

45-90 minutes

Insanity is sometimes defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. So, if we desire to truly create a sense of belonging and inclusion in the workplace, but are unwilling to change our approach, do we actually expect to impact the survey responses from employees when asking them about their sense of belonging? No. If you want different results, you need to do something different. Get ready to implement radical changes in your organization to yield increased senses of belonging and inclusion. Lean in, take notes, and drum up the courage to take the necessary actions to ensure all of your constituents feel radically included and that they belong.

Bypassing Bias by Taking Your Inventory

90 minutes - 4 hours

Do you feel like you are always going to say and do things that make you sound racist? Do you wish deep down that people knew you were a good person? And, are you questioning how you continue to offend people even though you are indeed a “good person”? It’s bias. All of our words and actions originate in the bias that is sitting at the bottom of our subconscious designed to protect us and to guarantee our survival. Join Kimberlee to learn how to bypass your bias and to show up the way you hope others see and experience you. You will learn to do this by taking an inventory of your biases, uprooting them, and challenging them. This step-by-step process will shock and surprise you over and over again, but it will also empower you to shift your inherited biases and beliefs to those you more consciously subscribe to.


Talking to Your Children About Race

90 minutes - 4 hours

Do you want to talk to your children about race, but you're not sure how to do it? Maybe you think they are too young or won't understand. Perhaps you are afraid you will break their spirit. Come learn how to approach the subject of race with your children with an experienced diversity practitioner and coach. Gain the language, tools and confidence to talk to your children about race while leaving their innocence intact. 

An Open Conversation on Race

90 minutes - 4 hours

There is so much to say, so much to ask, and so little time!  Here is your blank slate to come with all of your unanswered questions and to have an open discussion about the ins and outs of race issues in this country.  We will discuss all major issues and everything in between.  Your thoughts and questions will guide the discussion, and we will come out stronger and wiser for having attended this workshop.  More importantly, we will come out with more compassion, understanding, and empathy.  Grab a loved one, and come pick the brain of an experienced diversity and inclusion practitioner! All races and ages are welcome.

Navigating Conflict in Cross-Racial Conversations

90 minutes - 4 hours

Looking to heal or reconcile after experiencing cross-racial conversations that led to conflict? Don't know where to go from here? Still want to help? Want to keep that friendship? This workshop is for you! Bring your stories, and let's move toward healing these breaches together. All races and ages are welcome.

White teachers and parents teaching and raising kids of color

What you must know, must hear, must see and must do

90 minutes - full day

Are you a white American who is teaching, raising, mentoring, coaching, counseling, advising, treating, or simply interacting with children/teens of color?  If so, your attendance at this workshop is an absolute must! Without knowing it, you are possibly doing a disservice to these children whom have been entrusted to your care.  Come work with the author of Dear White Woman, Please Come Home and a veteran teacher to receive the tools and tips to navigate these interactions and relationships in a way that heals and uplifts these children instead of unintentionally harming them. 

Calling All White for a chat: Part 1

4 hours - full day

A workshop taking you on a deep dive into the following topics: Discovering my whiteness through the lens of others, discovering and dismantling the lies between us, and is it conflict or just conversation? This day will lay the foundation for the relationships and connections to Black women that we so desire. It is a necessary first step in preparing yourself, your family and your world to welcome these new bonds with open arms. Gather deeper insights, collect your aha moments, engage with your peers, and have your questions answered.

Calling All White for a chat: Part 2

4 hours - full day

In the sequel to part 1 of this series, we are empowering you to take real steps towards celebrating the friendships that you've made by taking a closer look at the following topics: keeping our friends safe, faking it until you make it, paving the way and making room. These final steps are designed to solidify the work you've done, and to put you on the path to sustaining growth and change that makes these opportunities to bond inevitable and more frequent.

Being an Ally: Tips, do's, and don'ts for white people

4 hours - full day

You know that you have privilege, you've taken several courses, yet you still don't know what to say and what not to say. You have no clue what to do and what not to do. You want to speak up, but don't know if your words might make things worse. Join us to take a deep dive into do's and don'ts for white folks. We will discuss everything from "don't touch my hair" to "is it Black or African-American". Bring your questions, and let's grow together.

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