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Dear White Woman,

Push through pain. Stay in it. Birthing hurts no matter how beautiful. Normalize discomfort. Yes, it sucks. But it's the bridge to us connecting and doing this together.


a Black woman

Dear Woman of Color,

I will listen and hope to learn from your wisdom. I thank you for not giving up on me!

Dear White Woman,

There is a historical mistrust between us. Your white women ancestors were, with a few exceptions, silent when my ancestors were sold away from their kids or r*ped. Silence is violence. Don't be silent.

Mujer Blanca,

Que tal si tu haces un esfuerzo para conocerme!

Dear White Women,

Please don't touch my hair. Period Pooh!


Dear White Woman,

Parts of an apology

  • expressing regret

  • accepting responsibility

  • genuinely promising change

  • requesting forgiveness


Dear Woman of Color,

I will listen + hope to learn from your wisdom. I thank you for not giving up on me!

Dear White Woman,

Let's talk, let's learn together and... let's start and keep doing more than we think we can handle. 



One White Woman

Dear Mujer Blanca,

Speaking another language around you does not mean we are talking about you. No todo es sobre ti.


Dear White Sister - 

I feel like getting to be better sisters across racial lines could begin with us learning to be better sisters to and for one another. Do you?



a white woman

Dear Women of Color,

I am so very sorry for all the lies I believed about you and the terrible effects this had on you. I know my beliefs were transparent by how I looked at and treated you. I apologize for still having to correct initial moments of biased thoughts. I am very sad that I missed out on knowing you. I really want to connect, and I promise to do better.

Dear women of color,


We are sisters above all and that is a connection of the heart. I commit to listen, cry, standup, share the load, and celebrate with you.


Love, light and joy,

A continuously evolving white woman

Dear Women of Color,

A few years ago, I finally had the wool removed from my eyes and learned that everything I had been taught in my schools, by my parents, and in my society as it pertained to people of color was a lie and that the system I live in and benefit from on a daily basis has been designed to keep me racist and you the target of that racism. And that really fucking pisses me off. But I know now, and am working to retrain my brain but I’m going off of 34 years of conditioning over here and it’s going to take me a minute to undo that damage.

Kristina Bechtel

Dear my Black daughter,
I apologize for the ways I carry implicit bias. How you’ve had to bear the brunt of our white ancestors’ racism and misogyny and my ignorance and unwillingness to see. I’m sorry for the pain it causes you when judgements flash through my mind and for ways I’ve attempted to whitewash you. I admire you for your confidence, your embrace of Black culture, for being secure in yourself, and knowing that what I think about your appearance is irrelevant. I commit to doing better by you, releasing judgements and standing in trust. I vow to use my white privilege to stand up and take action for healing justice that centers and supports Black women.
With love, Your white mom

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