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Please tell her the truth!

Her? Her who? Your younger sister, your niece, your daughter, your neighbor, your mentee, your coworker that’s younger, your intern, your goddamned self!

Why do we lie about this topic? Ignore it? Pretend it ain’t real?

The psychosis that is the fluctuation of hormones in our bodies is real, y’all. Why is that once a month for more than a week each month I feel like I’m losing my mind? Hormones. I’m crying when nothing has happened? Hormones. I’m angry like you wore my best shoes without my permission? Hormones. You said hello, and I was ready to fight you? Hormones. I can’t pull myself out of bed after ten hours of sleep? Hormones. I want to make love to you and fight you all at the same time? Hormones.

Why don’t we let ourselves off the hook by telling each other the truth, y’all? That hormonal roller coaster is real, and it makes us feel sad, angry, depressed, enraged, and alone. It leaves us looking to diagnose ourselves as psychotic. Yet we pretend and hide that we are even experiencing it. We let people call us crazy, bitchy, pathetic, moody, and unstable. Maybe we even believe them when they say it, because we are lying to ourselves.

Woman, own the hormonal roller coaster. It does not make you weak or less than. It makes your experience real and even universal. It makes you a member of a community of people dealing with the exact same shit who haven’t given themselves permission to speak about it openly either. Ha! Openly or at all, sis.

Name the roller coaster and reach out to your sisters around you for support. I know I do every single month, and I have no idea what I would do without my tribe validating my monthly visit to the amusement park to ride the same damn hormonal monster of a roller coaster.

Set yourself free, sis. Then, go back and get your sisters and give them permission to tell the truth!

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