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I Choose My Grief

As Black women, we are always choosing something or someone over ourselves. I’m not sure why we do this other than the fact that the Black women before us did. We watched them choose everyone and everything other than themselves. I’m guilty y’all. I do it too. But, today, I choose my grief. As an empath, I feel the collective grief of this planet and whatever is beyond it. What was I doing instead of allowing the waves of grief to wash over me? Responding to emails, texts, and notifications. Jumping on Zoom. Powering through. Staying the course. Stuffing it down and putting it off.

However, no more, y’all. No more. Ya no (Spanish insert). While processing that my family lost a branch, I found out that bell hooks passed. That was when the levees broke open. Today, I choose to let the tears fall as they come. For my family. For bell hooks’ family. For the human family living on and grieving over the whole of this earth. Today, I choose the swell of emotional pain and fragility. Today I choose to wash my soul with my tears. Today, I choose my grief. Today, I choose me. Join me.

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