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Do not over complicate

Tips for accomplices: Do not over complicate or over explain things. A colleague recently ran 200 copies of a dance recital program for Kim. She left them in Kim's mailbox because they needed to be folded. She also left the original one sided sheets that she used to make the program. In addition, she left a page long note with instructions for copying more programs--including the need to use the original one sided pieces of paper and choose the copier setting 1 --> 2. We are teachers. Using a copier is something we do everyday. Also, our copier is capable of running 2 --> 2 pages. There was no need to over complicate or over explain the situation.

Self-care tip for folks of color: Don't be afraid of therapy. We can talk to our family or our friends, but sometimes we need a therapist. It is important to have a place to talk about what is important to you.

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