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Weekly tips 4

Tips for accomplices: Don't tell a person of color who they look like. Would you go up to a white person and tell them they looked like Lady Gaga or Melania Trump? Didn't think so. So, please refrain from telling people of color that they look just like a famous person of color. Because most of the time, we look nothing like the person we are compared to. Jill Scott and Kerry Washington look nothing alike yet they were both used to describe "exactly" what the same person of color looked like.

Self-care tips for folks of color: Unplug! "Disconnect to connect" was a phrase I heard recently. Life, at its best, is happening right in front of us, but we're often too busy to notice. Over the holiday break, we took a cruise out of the country and intentionally chose not to purchase the wifi package and to leave our phones powered off. This allowed us to really appreciate the beauty of everything around us. The emails, text messages and Facebook notifications can wait. Take time for YOU. What do you need to de-stress and relax?

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