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Calling All White Women... In For a Chat

Ever wish you knew what a Black woman was thinking? Ever wanted to invite her over for dinner? Wished she knew you weren't racist? After speaking with many White women, I realized that there was a need for White women to hear from Black women and to have the opportunity to engage in discussions that bring healing, growth, and genuine connection.

Growing up around communities filled with diversity of every kind, I have always frequented conversations, workshops, and events where topics of equity and inclusion were explored at great lengths and in depth.

After teaching and participating in diversity initiatives for school communities for 14 years, I branched out and started doing this work in the greater community. Presenting at local and national conferences on topics of social justice and inclusion, I have always sought opportunities for personal and professional growth.

My partner and I currently live in Massachusetts, and I am happy to be able to continue in this work with groups and one on one in my coaching practice. I am excited to work with you and to be a part of your journey to cultural competence.

Please check back each week for tips and information related to building cross cultural conversations and cultural competence!

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