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Weekly tips 3

Tips for accomplices: Now that we've established we're not looking for allies, here's a tip for accomplices! The ropes sting, but jump in anyway. This is the analogy I like to use with accomplices. Jumping double dutch when I was a kid were with jump ropes that stung if they hit you. But you still wanted to jump in and prove that you were good at jumping double dutch. And those that were really good at it were able to jump in, do a few tricks, and jump out without being hit at all by the ropes. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, YouTube double dutch or google it.) That's what we need accomplices to do. Jump in when you see a White woman call the cops on folks of color for no reason. It might sting, because she might turn on you. But do it anyway. Jump in and show folks of color how smooth your moves are. And then jump out. No matter how big or how small, there is racism happening around you every day. Intervene, speak up, act, stay on the scene to speak to police, etc. JUMP IN!

Self-care for folks of color: Put yourself at the top of your list! Often in every way, white folks are at the top of our list. We alter everything about us to make sure that they feel comfortable. We change our speech, our hair, HELL, even the way we WALK, all in an effort to make white folks comfortable. In so doing, we are actually making things worse for ourselves. Because when our authentic selves slips out accidentally, they are shocked and extremely uncomfortable. So, here's my challenge for you today. What do YOU need to make YOU comfortable? Answer honestly, and then do that.

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